Italian Food

Ketchup and pasta
Survey Finds Most Offensive Crimes Against Italian Food
A YouGov survey has found the crimes against Italian food that Italians find most offensive.
A refined plate of pasta.
12 Italian Restaurants in London You Need to Visit
This list of London's best Italian restaurants has something to suit every mood and situation: from neighbourhood pizza joints, to fresh pasta, to Michelin-s
Alessandro Del Piero
Alessandro Del Piero: Home and Away in LA
Italian football legends don't come much bigger than Alessandro Del Piero. Fine Dining Lovers spoke to the former Juventus star and World Cup winner about his career, his love of food, and running his N10 restaurant in Los Angeles during the pandemic.
Valerio Braschi_Liquid Carbonara
Fancy a Nice Refreshing Glass of Cool, Clear... Carbonara?
An Italian chef has created a drinkable and distilled carbonara-flavoured amuse-bouche, with zero calories and all the flavour, to the great bemusement of Italians everywhere. Find out more.
cantucci - pixabay
Cantucci, Italian Almond Cookies: What Are They and How to Eat Them?
Cantucci are a typical Italian dessert. Discover the traditional recipe and origin of these cookies from Tuscany, and how to eat them.
Learn how to make the iconic golden risotto alla Milanese with this quick and easy risotto recipe - supplied by Cesare Battisti, chef of
Learn how to make panna cotta with strawberries in a few simple steps.
The zingy green Italian sauce made with parsley, capers, egg, bread and anchovies, a perfect accompaniment to Italian bollito misto.
Fresh with rustic appeal, the Italian recipe for panzanella.
Riccardo Camanini
Through The Eyes of The Chef
Through The Eyes of The Chef: a new series that teaches classic cooking techniques in a way you’ve never seen before. This is cooking up close.