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Irish Cuisine

Mark Moriarty
FDL+ Celebrate St Patrick's Day with Chef Mark Moriarty
Irish chef Mark Moriarty shares some recipes to help us celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Discover them here.
Cuan Greene
Return of the Native: Cúán Greene Pays Tribute with Ómós
After learning from the best in the business, chef Cúán Greene has returned to Ireland to realise his vision with Ómós. Read on.
Instead of purchasing a brined brisket, I brine my own.
Try this dessert recipe for stout and roasted barley caramel custard tart, a celebration of Irish ingredients with a modern twist by chef Mark Moriar
Try this recipe that honours traditional Irish cuisine, but with a modern update by chef Mark Moriarty of two-Michelin-star restaurant T
St Patrick Day Story
St Patrick's Day: origins, history and traditional recipes
All you ever wanted to know about St Patrick's Day. Why do we celebrate this day? What are the traditional meals served on St Patrick's Day? Read our guide.
The Irish Cookbook
The Lay of the Land - JP McMahon's The Irish Cookbook
The Irish Cookbook is JP McMahon's exploration into what food in Ireland was, how it was used, how it was not and, ultimately, what Irish food can be.