Indian Cuisine

Indian Cuisine
Besan ladoo is a popular Indian sweet made during festivals such as Diwali. Besan is a gram flour (chickpea flour) used commonly in the cuisines of the Indian subcontinent. These are easy little sweet treats to make at home. Take note of the changing texture of the gram flour when mixed with the hot ghee: it starts off lumpy, but with a bit of patience, it will turn into a loose, runny paste that smells wonderfully nutty as it roasts in the pan.
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Kaju Katli
Make kaju katli for Diwali, a dessert fit for festivities
Kaju Katli, literally means cashew slices, and that’s what these super popular Indian sweets are: thin, cashew fudge slices. Kaju katli is strongly attached to Diwali. Find out how to make these moreish treats!
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