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halloween food ideas


Trick or treat? It's Halloween time not only for kids but also - why not - for food lovers. Besides the typical desserts and sweets to be offered to masquerade children knockin' at the door, this can also be the occasion to enjoy tasteful dishes made with the finest seasonal ingredients like pumpkin. Here below you can find Fine Dining Lovers' choice of Halloween tips, decorations and D12recipes both kids and adults will love, such as the scariest decorated cookies you've ever seen (and eaten!) to caramel desserts and drink pairings, with a special mention to gluten free options. 


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How to use waste pumpkin flesh
Get ideas and recipes for how to best use the pumpkin flesh you have left over from carving your pumpkin. Don’t throw it away, make it into delicious food.
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10 Halloween-Themed Treats for your Party
Do you want to make your Halloween party even more spooky? Here are 10 quick and easy Halloween-themed snack ideas to prepare. Read more.
A pumpkin.
10 ways to eat pumpkin
Pumpkin season is in full swing and what better way to enjoy the orange gourd than with a simple comforting recipe suited to the time of year?
Bibingka is a kind of baked rice cake that comes from the Philippines and is usually eaten for breakfast or as a snack.
Pump it Up: Ways to Raise Your Pumpkin Game
It's pumpkin season again, but how can you elevate your pumpkin cooking skills this year? Kiki Aranita has some simple but delicious suggestions for everybody's favourite winter squash, including step-by-step recipes. Take a look.
Looking for a pumpkin soup with a difference this fall?
This delicately flavoured, comforting soup makes a light and healthy lunchtime solution. Here’s the recipe for pumpkin velouté soup with apple and curry.
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Haunted by the Michelin Man (and other Gourmet Ghouls)
Get your ghoul on and discover some of the world's spookiest dining destinations, where chefs from times past refuse to hang up their aprons.
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The Mystery of the Mummified Twinkie
A Twinkie that was transformed by a mystery fungus sparked a scientific quest and captured worldwide attention.
How to upcycle your pumpkin this Halloween
Don't let your pumpkin waste terrify you this Halloween, turn it into something frighteningly delicious instead.