Gourmet Cooking Techniques

dutch oven Harry Cunningham on Unsplash
What is A Dutch Oven?
Dutch ovens have risen in popularity this year, no doubt due to our longing for comfort food as we spend endless hours at home. Although they have been around for centuries, Dutch ovens still remain a mystery to some.
poaching cooking technique
Poaching as a Cooking Technique: What Does it Mean?
Poaching is a healthy cooking technique because it does not use fat for cooking food. Poaching is a culinary method that involves cooking by submerging food in a liquid.
Frying pan
How to Tell if a Pan is Ready at Medium-High Heat
It can be tricky to tell if a pan is at medium-high heat, but this tip can make it easy to tell if it's ready.
Maillard Reaction
The science of Maillard reaction
Do you know that delicious smell of a piece of meat sizzling into a very hot pan? This is the Maillard Reaction, due to, amino acids, sugar and temperature.