Future Food

Forget water into wine, this start-up turns air into vodka
Air Co has devised a way to produce Vodka that uses co2, which is actually carbon negative.
Future Pizza: insects, lab grown meat and robots
The future of pizza could include insect-based dough, lab-grown meat and cheese charred by lasers and it could be coming to a restaurant near you in the next 20 years.
Space Satellite
Biotech food company grows first steak in space
The lab-grown meat process performed on the International Space Station, 339 km above the surface of the planet.
Alain Ducasse
Alain Ducasse slams plant-based meat products like Beyond Meat
French top chef Alain Ducasse claims that there is no need for plant-based meat products to resemble meat and should look like vegetables
Play Food From The Future
'Play Food From The Future' encourages children to think differently about what they eat
An innovative 3D-printed play form food set allows the shoppers of tomorrow to play with 'Bug Mac' and 'Algae Ball'.
Louise Mabulo
20-year old Chef wins UN's Young Champions of the Earth Prize
The 20-year-old chef and environmentalist Louise Mabulo has won the UN's Young Champions of the Earth award for her work with the Cacao Project.
Joshua Evans' Fermentation Experiments
A chat with the Former Nordic Food Lab Lead Researcher Joshua Evans on the future of fermentation and the possibility of amplifying the flavours of foods.
The Catastrophic Meal: is this the Future Food?
Experimental dinner-performances to forecast the future of food have been attempted for the first time in Denmark by famous chefs, scientists and politicians.
2. The Internet of Food is Here to Stay
A closer look at the so-called 'Internet of Food', a fusion between digital technologies and the food industry: a worldwide phenomenon still growing.