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Fuorisalone 2014

'Live From Milan', Davide Oldani's Spin on Spaghetti | Video
Check out the amazing dishes prepared by Michelin-starred Italian chef Davide Oldani during the grand finale of S.Pellegrino Live From Milan. Watch the video!
An exclusive spaghetti recipe prepared by Italian chef Davide Oldani at Fuorisalone 2014: spaghetti with tomato and mint, an Italian icon with a gourmet twist.
Chef Enrico Cerea turns tuna into spaghetti 'Live From Milan' | Video
Italian chef Enrico Cerea surprises at Fuorisalone 2014 with a dish that mixes tradition and innovation: find out what he prepared during the live show.
Around the Table at Milano Design Week | Gallery
Fine Dining Lovers provides you a selection of some of the newest and coolest kitchen - or kitchen inspired - items, presented at this year's event.
An exclusive tuna recipe prepared by Italian chef Enrico Cerea at 'Live From Milan': find out how he turns tuna into spaghetti, preparing a tasty first course.
'Live From Milan', Fabio Pisani Takes The Stage | Video
Feast your eyes on the amazing dishes prepared by Italian chef Fabio Pisani during 'Live From Milan', an extraordinary culinary event organized by S.Pellegrino.
An exclusive pasta recipe prepared by Italian chefs Negrini and Pisani during S.Pellegrino event at Fuorisalone: spaghettoni with Nolche black olives.
Luigi Taglienti's Pasta Salad is 'Live From Milan' | Video
Luigi Taglienti was the third chef to take the stage at S.Pellegrino Live From Milan. He wowed the audience with this unique take on the classic pasta salad.
Scabin and Favino: the Chef and the 'Intern' Live From Milan
All eyes were on Davide Scabin today as the stellar chef took the stage at S.Pellegrino's Live From Milan to cook alongside Italian actor Pierfrancesco Favino.
An exclusive pasta salad recipe by the Italian chef Luigi Taglienti: cold spaghetti with carrot and grapefruit juice, a past dish made at Fuorisalone 2014.