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Food TV

A still from The Bear.
The Bear Season 2: here’s what we know
One of the best shows of 2022 will return for a second season in the summer. Here's what you can expect.
Somebody Feed Phil Book Cover
FDL+ Somebody Read Phil's New Book
On the eve of season six of the hit Netflix series Somebody Feed Phil, Fine Dining Lovers spoke to Phil Rosenthal about his side-project - a companion travel and cookbook that makes you want to put down the book, and cook and travel. Take a look.
Phil Rosenthal eating noodles
'Somebody Feed Phil' Returns for Sixth Season
The culinary highlights of Philadelphia, Croatia, Austin, Chile and Nashville are served up by Phil Rosenthal in the new season of the award-winning travel/food series. Find out more.
Chef Vs Wild
Watch the Trailer for 'Chef vs. Wild'
Watch the trailer for the new Hulu cooking show 'Chef vs. Wild', which sends chefs out foraging in the wilderness to make gourmet food. Take a look.
An overhead shot of people eating pizza at a table.
Watch the Trailer for ‘Chef’s Table: Pizza’
The show that started it all returns for a new season focusing on one of the world’s most beloved foods. Get a taste.
The Bear FX
Jeremy Allen White Admits 'The Bear' Got This One Thing Wrong...
The Bear's Jeremy Allen White has admitted that the show got one thing wrong... Did you spot it? Find out what it was.
A chef cleaning the floor.
Watch the Trailer for 'The Bear'
'The Bear' is available to stream on Hulu now, watch the trailer for the FX restaurant comedy.
Curtis Stone, Dominique Crenn, Gabriela Camara, Marcus Samuelsson, Ming Tsai©PATRICK WYMORE_NETFLIX
'Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend' - Here's What to Expect
Who are the chefs on the new Iron Chef? Here's what to expect from the show, which airs on Netflix on 15 June. Take a look.
Mark Dacascos and flames
All-New 'Iron Chef' is Back - See the Trailer
The wait is nearly over. Take a look at what's to come in the new high-octane culinary competition premiering on Netflix in June.
David Gelb shooting Poached on iPhone
Watch David Gelb's New Chicken Rice Documentary Shot on iPhone
David Gelb has released a new documentary about Singapore's famous chicken rice dish, which was shot entirely on iPhone. Take a look.