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Food Spotlight

Fig leaves.
Everything you need to know about fig leaves
Discover all the nuances of fig leaves, including how to cook with them, with these chefs’ recipes and tips.
Sillkafé in Stockholm.
For the love of pickled herring
The oily fish gets a bad rap but at Sillkafe in Stockholm, one chef is trying to reignite the Swedish love affair with pickled herring, and hopefully snare some tourists too.
Everything you need to know about paprika
Do you know paprika? Discover everything you need to know about this spice, how is it made and how to use it in cooking.
Red wine glass.
The most popular types of red wine
What are the most popular types of red wine? Discover the main varieties of red wine, their characteristics and how to drink them.
Onion Soup
The 10 best recipes using onions
Onion is a versatile ingredient, perfect as a base for many different recipes: discover the top 10 recipes with onions on Fine Dining Lovers.
Bean salad
Legume salads: 5 best recipes
Healthy, easy to prepare and customize. Discover the best salad recipes using lentils, beans and chickpeas on Fine Dining Lovers and try them at home.
Chicken broth.
What's the difference between bone and chicken broth?
What is bone broth? And what about chicken broth? Discover their characteristics, differences and how to use both broths in cooking.
Pork back ribs.
Different kinds of ribs to cook
From short ribs to spare ribs: discover the most delicious rib types, their characteristics and how to cook them.
Rice flour in ramekins.
How to replace rice flour with 6 alternatives
Discover the best alternatives to rice flour: here are six substitutes you can use for cooking and baking. Read more on Fine Dining Lovers.
Sorbet in martini glasses.
What sherbet is and differences from sorbet
Find out what sherbet is: the origin of the recipe, how to prepare it and all the differences with sorbet. Read more about Fine Dining Lovers.