Food Spotlight

Food Spotlight
Coconut milk
What a Way to Serve a Coconut
This street food vendor has some serious skills with a machete, cutting a coconut to reveal membrane-covered milk that looks like mozzarella.
Wood apple
Ugly, Funky, and Tart: Have You Tried the Wood Apple Fruit?
Ever seen this smelly, moldy-looking, coconut-like fruit? The wood apple is a popular fruit in Indian and Sri Lankan cuisine with a dark brown flesh that is tart and sweet. Read all about it.
White Olives
White Olives: The Rare Ancient Olive with Regal Roots
Ever seen these ivory white olives? This striking species that was once used in religious ceremonies and enjoyed by royalty is being re-introduced in pockets of the Mediterranean.
Valentine's heart
Eat Your Heart Out This Valentine's
After some years in on the fringes, heart is making a return to fine dining. Here are a few special heart dishes for St. Valentine's Day.
Black limes
What is Black Dried Lime?
Black dried lime is an essential ingredient in Middle Eastern cuisines that can easily transform many dishes with its concentrated sour, astringent flavour. And it will last for years in your pantry.
Unusual greens
10 Plants for New Flavors in Your Food
Leaves that taste like hummus, oysters and beans: these are not the usual sprouts you'd find at the supermarket. An innovative Dutch company is offering delicious greens to play with on the plate. Cooking with these plants will surprise you.
Black Salt
Black Salt | Food Spotlight
Ever wondered why your attempt at a tofu scramble or vegan scrambled eggs always end up tasting a tad flat? Your serious
Do You Know Who Invented the Burger?
Who is responsible for originally creating one of the most globally popular fast foods? A recipe uncovered from the 4th century AD points to the Romans!
White eggplants
6 Unusual White Foods for the Curious Foodie
White food does not just mean potatoes, rice and bread. Play with the colour white in the kitchen with these lesser-known white foods.
Armoise Artemisia
Introducing Artemisia arbotanum a.k.a the “cola plant”
Discover more about this aromatic shrub championed by two-Michelin-starred French chef, Christophe Hay, evoking childhood memories in his sorbets, coulis and gravy.
Different types of rice
The different types of rice you need to know and cook
Stumped in the rice aisle? We break down the main varieties of rice you need to know for your green curry, sushi, pilaf, and mochi.
White sturgeon caviar
This white caviar costs over $30,000 a kilo
The most precious caviar in the world is albino beluga sturgeon caviar and it is a white caviar. Find out more about this white 'black gold'.