Food Spotlight

Different Types of Onions
21 Types of Onions and How to Use Them
Get to know the different types of onions and exactly how to use them in the kitchen. From classic yellow onions to sweet vidalia onions, know them all.
medlar fruits om table ©iStock
What is a Medlar: Taste and Recipes of this Winter Fruit
The medlar fruit is a member of the pome family. Unlike other fruits, medlars are available in winter, making this maligned shrub-fruit a superb seasonal choice.
super food powder
What is a Superfood Powder and Why is it Good For You?
Superfood Powders are foods dehydrated and finely ground into powders. Here's a list of the best-known Superfood Powders and their benefits and collateral effects.
green tea benefits and myths
Is Green Tea Good For You? Myths and Facts
So is green tea healthy? There have been a bewildering number of health claims for everything from cancer to weight loss, and sometimes it’s difficult to know what to believe.
corn benefits and recipes
Is Corn Good For You? Benefits and Recipes
Corn is sometimes known as ‘yellow gold’ because of its many uses. Corn or maize is among the world’s most popular cereal grains. Versatile and tasty, it has found its way into a wide variety of food products.
Himalayan black salt
The Secret to Next-Level Vegan Dishes: Black Salt that Smells like Rotten Eggs
It goes by many names, Himalayan black salt, Indian black salt, kala namak, and it has a funky smell like rotten eggs. Find out how to use this special flavour enhancer in your vegan dishes and more.
cabbages ©iStock
Are Brussels Sprouts a Type of Cabbage? Main Differences
Cabbage and Brussels Sprouts are in the same family, the Brassica, or cruciferous family, but Brussels Sprouts are not the baby version of cabbages.
soy beans ©iStock
Is Soy Good or Bad For You? Facts & Myths About This Legume
Here you can find everything you need to know about soy. Is soy good or bad? Why is it so controversial? What are the best and worst types of soy to eat? Discover some great recipes with soy.
kefir grains ©iStock
What is Kefir? Ingredients, How to Make it and Recipes
How to make kefir at home: a step-by-step super-easy guide on how to make homemade kefir.