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Food Spotlight

sriracha replacement - Fine Dining Lovers
The best sriracha sauce replacements
What to use instead of sriracha? Discover the best alternatives to the famous chili sauce and how to substitute it perfectly.
Ancient grains.
Eat more ancient grains with these recipes
With these recipes you can eat more ancient grains, boost your health, and help the planet.
Chicken gizzards.
Chicken gizzards: the poultry offal you need to rediscover
How to buy, prepare, and cook chicken gizzards with recipes from African, Mexican, Korean, Japanese, and Southern cuisine.
chowder vs soup - Fine Dining Lovers
What's the difference between chowder and soup?
Unravel the mysteries of chowder vs soup with our insightful guide. Learn what sets these hearty dishes apart and find your new favorite bowlful.
Pig's feet.
How to cook pig’s feet
Pig’s feet are delicious and bursting with flavor. Here’s everything you need to know about how to prepare and cook them, with tips and recipes.
rhubarb recipes - Fine Dining Lovers
The 5 best recipes with rhubarb to cook
Spring is coming, and so is rhubarb: discover the best five sweet recipes to prepare with rhubarb on Fine Dining Lovers and try them at home.
Alternative, plant-based milks.
10 types of alternative milks and their uses
Learn all about the different kinds of alternative, plant-based milks and how to use them.
Cut cabbage on a chopping board.
Different ways to cut cabbage explained
How do you cut cabbage? Discover how to slice it for coleslaw, salads, soups or other recipes with this cutting guide.
Seed oil.
Is it time to ditch seed oils?
Seed oils have been much criticised of late, but what are the different types of seed oils, what are they used for and should we use them or not?
Salmon swimming.
How many types of salmon are there?
There are different kinds of salmon: discover how to tell them apart and how best to eat them.