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Food Products

Pantry Essentials for a Post-Pandemic Christmas
For the first true post-pandemic Christmas, there are some fascinating pantry essentials available, many of which were forged during lockdowns. Kiki Aranita met some of the founders.
a raw cut of beef set on baking parchment
Meat Adverts Banned by Dutch City
Haarlem, near Amsterdam, has banned public meat advertising citing the food's negative impact on the climate. Find out more.
Thinking Inside the Box: The Chefs Who Pivoted to Packaged Goods
Many chefs looking to diversify their income streams during the pandemic turned to consumer packaged goods as a way of getting their products and brand out there. But where does one start? Chef and CPG convert Kiki Aranita explores the detail of retail.
Viktorija Stundytė 06
"Where Lies the Line Between Hunger and Satiety?" | A Tableware Tale by Viktorija Stundyté
"Where lies the line between hunger and satiety?” is the name of a project by designer Viktorija Stundytė, founder of 
foie gras
Is this the end of Foie Gras for New York?
Foie gras could be banned in New York if legislation to ban its sale passes.
22 Typical Food Products from Lombardy, Italy
22 Typical Food Products from Lombardy, Italy
Northern Italy is a powerhouse of local food products, from bresaola to pumpkin, the region boasts some of Italy's finest food treasures. Discover them here.
Tuna Tips from Carloforte: How to Buy The Best
A trip to Carloforte in Italy a small fishing town where each year chefs from around the world compete to cook the best dishes they can using tuna.
The Hop Based Lip Balm
A look at a new lip balm that has been produced using the same hops used for brewing beer along with bee wax and flavoring such as mint and grapefruit.