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Food Movies

Chef Antonio's recipes for Revolution'
Watch the Trailer for 'Chef Antonio's Recipes for Revolution'
'Chef Antonio's Recipes for Revolution' is a documentary about Italian chef Antonio De Benedetto and his Albergo Etico in Asti. which employs staff with disabilities.
Food Flicks: Why Movies about Restaurants are Having a Moment
A Moment in Time is the latest of a slew of movies about restaurants and food. Lenore Adkins gets out the popcorn and asks why more films about restaurants are appearing on our screens.
A Taste of Hunger
All the Best Quotes from 'A Taste of Hunger'
A Taste of Hunger is the new Danish film about the quest for a Michelin star in a New Nordic kitchen. Here are all the best quotes from the film.
Anthony Bourdain
New Anthony Bourdain Documentary Coming in July
Watch the trailer for a new documentary on the life of chef Anthony Bourdain. Roadrunner launches July 16th and is produced by Academy-Award-winning filmmaker Morgan Neville.
André and his Olive Tree Film
'Andre and His Olive Tree': A Chef’s Pursuit of Perfection
'Andre and his Olive Tree' is a film that charts chef Andre Chiang's decision to close his restaurant Andre.
Nose to Tail Trailer
Nose to Tail: A Delicious Film about a Disaster Chef
Drinking, partying, over-worked, over-mortgaged, narcissistic chef Daniel can't stop going about his old ways in the film Nose to Tail, and it makes for deliciously addictive viewing for any foodie - and chef.
Alba white truffles
The Elusive World of the Alba Truffle Hunters
White truffles are shrouded in history and intrigue, not usually seen by the outside world, until now, in a new film by Michael Dweck and Gregory Kershaw, shown at this year's Sundance Film Festival, The Truffle Hunters.
Chef Douglas McMaster
"We would use coconuts to scrub dirty pans" - The story of Silo in a film
“A Failure of the Imagination” is a short film that follows the difficult beginnings of zero-waste UK restaurant.
The biggest little farm
5 reasons to love "The biggest little farm"
"The biggest little farm" is a documentary for the foodie, greenie, animal-lover, chef and farmer.
Biggest Little Farm Film
‘The Biggest little farm’ is 2019’s must-see documentary for everyone
The Biggest Little Farm is a documentary based on the eight-year quest of a young couple to create a biodynamic, self-sustaining farm in California.