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Baked potatoes wrapped in aluminium foil
Aluminium Foil: Which Side Should You Use?
Is there a correct and incorrect side when using this versatile kitchen product, or can you use it how you please? We answer this kitchen conundrum.
Food Answers: Can Chocolate Go Off?
Can chocolate go off or go bad? And what do the white bits on old chocolate mean? Here's all you need to know about chocolate expiry dates and whether it's safe to eat chocolate past it's printed date.
bone broth ©iStock
Health Benefits of Drinking Bone Broth
When we were little, it was enough to drink bone broth for any ailment. Find out all the health benefits of drinking it.
Can you Freeze Cheese?
Can you freeze cheese? The answer is yes, you can freeze cheese, but it depends on the type of cheese. Here is everything you need to know about freezing cheese.
Christmas lunch
Festive Food Trivia: 14 Fun Facts About Christmas
The festive season is full of food traditions and customs that many families live by. Find out some fun facts to entertain your guests while the turkey cooks.
Photo Elena Koycheva |  Unsplash
How to Pick a Ripe, Sweet Watermelon
The best tips and hacks for picking a ripe, sweet watermelon
A glass of cognac
Divers salvage 100-year-old French cognac and liqueur from shipwreck
Team salvages 900 bottles of 100-year-old cognac and liqueur from a shipwreck in the Baltic Sea and they could fetch a lot of money at auction.
numbers behind olive oil
The Numbers Behind Olive Oil
Have a look at some surprising facts and figures behind the incredible elixir of life that is the basis for Mediterranean cooking.
7 facts potatoes
7 Fascinating Facts about Potatoes
How well do you know your spuds?
7 facts avocado
7 Unusual Facts about Avocado
Discover fascinating trivia about the beloved avocado, from the origins of the first guacamole to how the fruit can be added into your health and beauty regi