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Food on the edge

Food On The Edge

Food on the Edge is a two-day food symposium gathering international chefs and food leaders every October to discuss the cutting-edge issues in the food industry with the intention of actioning change for the better future of food.

The symposium is the brain child of Michelin starred chef, JP McMahon and launched in his hometown of Galway, Ireland in 2015. The not-for-profit conference seeks to make good food accessible for everyone and tries to encourage as many international guests to be involved as possible in order to reach an international culinary community.

During the onsite symposium approximately 50 chefs are given the floor for 15 minutes each with free reign to deliver a speech on their unique perspective on a topic or a theme. Previous chef speakers have included Albert Adria of TicketsAna Roš of Hiša FrankoAndoni Luis Aduriz of MugaritzClare Smyth of Core, Malena Martinez of Mater Iniciativa, Matt Orlando of Amass and Will Goldfarb of Room 4 Dessert.

Speakers are chosen for their innovation, passion and influence on food culture. Symposium themes have included, ‘Conversations’, ‘Future of Food’, ‘Action/Reaction’ and ‘Food Stories’ and specific topics that have been raised by chefs during the symposium include mental health, waste, diversity, work/life balance and creativity.

The mission of Food on the Edge is to create a benchmark for best practice, in terms of food, its culture, and the people who produce it and gives chefs a platform as key actors in our food systems on how to present the future of themselves.

Speakers present on the future of food, in personal and political ways, designed to push issues to the edge, to inspire action through debate and dialogue: hence the naming of the event, Food on the Edge. Afterall, as organiser McMahon says ““The whole point of this symposium is talking about things, but then doing them.”

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