Food Congress

Food Congress
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Ryan King at Food on the Edge
What we learned at Food on the Edge 2019
Food, chefs, restaurants and culture: discover the hottest topics discussed during the food congress in Galway and the most inspiring speeches from the stage. Read on!
Food on the Edge
Food on The Edge 2019: The countdown is on!
The schedule is set and the speaker list is confirmed. The annual two-day symposium is just days away when chefs from around the world will arrive in Galway to talk and take action. Here's what not to miss!
Rene Redzepi at Yedi Conference, Istanbul
The power of food at Yedi Istanbul 2019
From food sustainability to climate change, zero-waste kitchens, community kitchens and the past and future of Redzepi’s iconic restaurant Noma: take a look at the best takeaways from the food congress in Istanbul