Food Awards

World Cheese Award 2021-22
'World's Best' Cheese 2021 Announced
A soft artisanal Spanish cheese has beaten over 4000 entries from over 40 countries to be named the best cheese in the world in 2021. See the top 16 gold winners.
50 Best Pizza
50 Top Pizza 2021 Names the Best Pizzerias in the World
Francesco Martucci from I Masanielli in the Campania region of Italy has been named the best pizzaiolo in the world for a third year running. See the full list as well as all the international winners.
Parabere Forum
Parabere Forum 2021: The Speakers
This year's online event will feature thought-leaders on the topic of 'community'. Take a look at the line-up of speakers.
Peppe Pizeria Paris
50 Top Pizza Europe 2021 - See the List
There is a new no.1 this year with Peppe Pizzeria in Paris taking top spot. Discover which countries boast the best pizzerias in 28 European countries by taking a look at the complete ranking.
Basque Culinary World Prize 2021- Nominations Open
The Basque Culinary World Prize, one of the premier global gastronomy awards, has opened for nominations.
The Grand Jury of S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2020
The Grand Jury of S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2021 is Announced
The line-up of seven international chefs, known as The Seven Sages, who will decide the best young chef in the world at S.Pellegrino Young Chef Academy 2021.
World Food Programme has been awarded the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize
Nobel Peace Prize 2020 Awarded to UN's World Food Programme
The World Food Programme (WFP) is the winner of the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize.
50 Kalo Best Pizzeria
50 Top Pizza Europe Awards 2020 - See the Full List
See the complete list of the fifty best pizzerias in Europe, highlighting London, Paris and Madrid as the best places to eat pizza outside of Italy.
Danielle Nierenberg
Food Activist Danielle Nierenberg Wins 2020 Julia Child Award
The president and co-founder of Food Tank will be awarded a $50,000 grant to advance her mission to make food as sustainable and equitable as possible.