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Norman Rockwell - Freedom From Want
The Art of the Christmas Feast
The traditional Christmas feast has undergone many changes through the ages. Luckily, they have been captured in art for us all to marvel at. From wild and lavish banquets, to wholesome family gatherings, we take a look at the art of the Christmas feast.
Beatrix potter and Toads Tea Party and mushroom illustrations
Females That Food History Forgot: Beatrix Potter
Beatrix Potter is best known for her children's books depicting the adventures of Peter Rabbit, Squirrel Nutkin and company. But what's less well-known are her drawings and paintings of fungi, which are still used by mycologists today.
Collage of lemon flowers, lemon and art
When Art Gives You Lemons
What was it about the humble lemon that made it such a popular subject in seventeenth century art, especially when so few people even had access to lemons in those times?
Modern Last Supper inspired by the Cenacolo Vinciano
Food and the Last Supper: From the Divine to the Daily
What do artists' depictions of the Last Supper through the ages say about audiences' eating habits?
The perfectly round egg
One-in-a-billion round egg for sale online
There's a perfectly round egg for sale on ebay and if you're still stuck for what to get the chef in your life, then this is your chance.
Philippe Starck: "I created my squeezer sitting at a restaurant in an Italian island"
The famous French designer tells about the origin of his iconic object. The 'debate' about the role design has when it comes to everyday objects keeps on.
Marcel Wanders:” I ‘Dressed’ a plate to bring out its content”
The Dutch designer tells his own philosophy on kitchen objects, as he projected an entire collection of white porcelain table set, and more, for Alessi.
Achille Castiglioni: "Imagining Cutlery Designed for Italian Food"
What's in the creation of a fork or a knife? Find out the answers from this Italian master and winner of the 'Compasso d'Oro' Award for his flatware collection
Alessandro Mendini: "Anna G., my corkscrew-doll dancing on a bottle"
One of most famous Italian designers explains the idea behind the object he created, the ironic utensil that became an icon of Italian table design worldwide.
Salt of the Earth: World's Most Amazing Saltmines | Gallery
From the landscapes of salt flats in Bolivia to your kitchen table: find out on FDL how table salt is obtained and its symbolic and material value