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Culinary Schools

Yannick Alleno
Yannick Alléno and Institut Paul Bocuse Launch a 'School of Sauces'
The three-Michelin-starred French chef and 'king of sauces' is to launch the first training course dedicated to the art of sauce at the Institut Paul Bocuse in France. Find out more.
School Chef
The Rise of Chef-Led Culinary Schools: Why Now?
More and more chefs are opening their own culinary training schools. The question is: why now? Tom Jenkins goes in search of answers.
Baking Class
Rouxbe is a new Standard of Online Culinary Training
Rouxbe raises the bar for online culinary training, with hundreds of hours of culinary courses designed by experienced chef educators and former culinary school executives. Find out more.
Chef at school
Chefs are Going Back to School
Of all the global trends accelerated by the pandemic, the rise of culinary schools is one that could have a lasting impact. A number of high-profile chefs have made plans to open their own institutions, which promise to improve opportunities for young chefs in an uncertain future. Read the story here.
Cooking Courses_Photo by Jesús Terrés on Unsplash
Free Online Classes for Chefs: From Science to Food Safety
If you're looking to improve your skills and fine-tune your knowledge, here's a list of free online courses allowing you to go at a speed that suits you.
Where to Study to Be a Chef? Inside CIA, Alma and Cordon Bleu
We compared three of the world’s elite cooking schools - CIA, Alma and Le Cordon Bleu - to see what students learn and understand how do the curricula differ.
Italy's ALMA Launches New Program in Restaurant & Bar Management
ALMA, Italy's premier culinary institution, has launched a new program aimed at professionals in restaurant management. The course will debut January 2015.
Southeast Asian Cooking Class 101: Vietnam
Searching for best cooking advice from chefs and grandmothers alike. Third stop: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam for banh xeo, a savory shrimp pancake.
Southeast Asian Cooking Class 101: Malaysia
Searching for best cooking advice from chefs and grandmothers alike. Second stop: Penang, Malaysia, for a veggie version on nasi lemak, the national dish.
Southeast Asian Cooking Class 101: Thailand
Searching for best cooking classes and culinary advice from chefs and grandmothers alike. First stop: Ao Nang, Thailand for an adventure in curry pastes.