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Culinary School

gastro-diplomacy-handsshake-over plate-of-spaghetti
Gastro-diplomacy: The Science that Values ​​Food as an Identity
Today, gastro-diplomacy is an increasingly important concept at an international level. Find out what the term gastro-diplomacy means, and discover the ad hoc degree course at the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo.
De Gustibus
De Gustibus - The Cooking School with Chef-Led Classes
The New York cooking school, where over 1,500 of the world’s most lauded food and wine experts have taught over its 40 years, now offers in-person and virtual classes. See what's on.
Freshly Squeezed Episode 6 The Spice Club
E6: "Building a Restaurant at Home" The Spice Club
Ten years ago, Monica Haldar managed to convince her mother Anita Sawhney to open up a pop-up restaurant in their family home in Manchester. Serving authentic Indian cuisine, The Spice Club proved so popular that they had to get more seats in the dining room and extend their kitchen.
Now the Haldar’s have their own cooking school in two different cities, an online cooking course, their own product range and a new cooking series on Fine Dining Lovers. Monica and Anita share their story of how a bright idea and a lot of hard work, combined with a passion for food led to them building something extraordinary.
Chef Michael Solomonov
Michael Solomonov on board for culinary school in Israel
James Beard Award-winning chef Michael Solomnov has joined the advisory board for a new culinary school in Israel.
This Letter From a Chef Is a Must-Read
This eye-opening letter from a chef will leave you wondering if you've really got what it takes to work in a professional kitchen. Do you agree with his views?