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Coronavirus Useful Assets

After a Year of Covid: Our Restaurant Future in Numbers
It has been one year since the coronavirus lockdowns were first enforced across America, and with them the closure of thousands of restaurants. Many restaurants turned to technology to stay afloat, while some simply couldn't survive. But what do the numbers mean for the future of the industry? Kristen Hawley took a look.
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Online Tool Makes PPP Loan Forgiveness a Whole Lot Easier
Online tool helps restaurateurs apply for PPP loan forgiveness, so the whole process just got easier.
Turning The Tables Downloadable
Six Key Takeaways on the Future of Restaurants - Free Download
The Turning The Tables digital forum brought together some of the sharpest minds in food - this free download contains six key takeaways from the discussions.
Safety First: A Guide to Serving Food and Protecting People During Covid 19
Safety First: A Guide for U.S. Restaurateurs by The Aspen Institute
A comprehensive guide highlighting the basic operating rules any kitchen should follow to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.
Turning The Tables Video Thumb
Turning The Tables: Watch the Full Talks on the Future of Gastronomy
Watch the Turning The Tables talks in full for measured insight, shared knowledge and practical solutions from some of the sharpest minds in global gastronomy.
Turning The Tables | An Industry on Pause
Turning The Tables: An Industry on Pause
Education, tipping, the importance of community and different ways of running restaurants
When the Lockdowns are Lifted
Turning The Tables: When the Lockdowns are Lifted
Three-Star Michelin take-out, making ice cream to support a food chain, economic advice, consumer trends, business strategy and more
Grant Achatz
Grant Achatz on Why Take-Out Will Never Be The Same Again
The three-star Michelin chef talks about what it was like to pivot his world-famous Alinea restaurant in Chicago to offer take out.
Mitchell Davis
Mitchell Davis on Relief, Reopening and Rebuilding
The chief strategy officer at the James Beard Foundation has been on the ground since day one of lockdowns.
Mitsuharu Tsumura
Mitsuharu Tsumura on Ghost Kitchens, New Concepts and Cooking for Community
Mitsuharu Tsumura from the Maido restaurant in Peru, Lima, talks about his newest plans to open more local, community and democratic models of dinning in his
Massimo Bottura and Alexa Bottura
Massimo Bottura’s Advice to Young Chefs
The great Italian chef, Massimo Bottura, offers up advice to a young chef asking about transitioning from a learning role to a leading role, making the jump to owning your own restaurant and becoming a chef
Ana Ros
Ana Roš on Preserving Food Chains
The Slovenian chef Ana Roš talks about how her and her entire team lived on lockdown inside their restaurant during quarantine
Turning The Tables | Thoughtful Lockdown Lessons
Thoughtful Lockdown Lessons
Introspection isn’t common in the restaurant industry, but many have found time to reflect on their relationships, both professional and personal, whether it
Rodrigo Oliveira
Rodrigo Oliveira on Why Cooking for Community is Key
The chef from Mocotó in Brazil speaks about his unique democratic dining model and how this has rooted the restaurant in its local community.
Turning The Tables | Community Lockdown Lessons
Community Lockdown Lessons
During the period of lockdowns, closures and reopenings, the one thing that has remained evident across the world is the strength of the restaurant community
Mitch Lienhard
Mitch Lienhard on Quitting a Three-Star Job to Learn Leadership
Mitch Lienhard had it all, top job at one of the best restaurants in the U
Turning The Tables | Reflective Lockdown Lessons
Reflective Lockdown Lessons
This time of pause has given us all time to reconnect, to reconnect with nature, with family and as Lara Gilmore says in this inspirational collection of lockdown lessons: don’t be afraid to have a go
Nidal Barake
Nidal Barake: Run Your Restaurant as a Business, Not as a Restaurant
Nidal Barake is the owner of the Gluttonomy food agency based in Miami.
Matteo Figura
Trend Expert Matteo Figura On What People Want from Restaurants
Matteo Figura is the food service director for Italy at the NPD market research group.
Turning The Tables | Pivotal Lockdown Lessons
Pivotal Lockdown Lessons| Turning The Tables
The industry has moved, shifted, evolved and as Brian Canlis says in this inspirational collection of lockdown lessons: they learned to break the box and bui
Fine Dining Lovers Coronavirus Survey for Professionals
The Coronavirus Survey: The Expert View
Read the Fine Dining Lovers Coronavirus Survey and find out what restaurant industry experts really think about the crisis.
Fine Dining Lovers Survey for Diners
The Coronavirus Survey: What Diners Think
For the lowdown on the lockdown and beyond, read the Fine Dining Lovers Coronavirus Survey, and find out how diners are dealing with the crisis.
Pandemic Pivot F&B Business Tool
Pandemic Pivot Business Tool - A Free Business Re-Model Tool
If you're thinking about pivoting, try taking the free 30 minute pandemic pivot tool to crunch some numbers and assess what should work best for your restaurant.
Coronavirus Guide for Takeout and Delivery for F&B Businesses
A Coronavirus Guide for Takeout and Delivery for Food and Beverage Businesses
If you're thinking of pivoting to takeout or delivery, or you already have, check out this practical guide, full of fuss-free tips and solutions to make sure your new business model runs smoothly.
General Coronavirus guide for F&B Industry
A General Coronavirus Guide for the Food and Beverage Industry
Discover how to increase customer and staff confidence, and ensure your business is managing the risk of coronavirus effectively in this handy practical guide.
Turning the table
Digital Discussions on The Future of The Restaurant Industry
Join Fine Dining Lovers and a host of restaurant industry professionals as we discuss the coronavirus and its impact on the world of gastronomy.
Hong Kong Restaurants
Download This Restaurant's Viral Blueprint for Reopening after Lockdowns
A Hong Kong restaurant group created a manual for how to adapt to a world with Covid-19 and it has become an operating bible for the whole state and spread around the world.
Restaurants lockdown due to coronavirus
Can Insurance be made to cover the cost of Coronavirus?
With the insurance industry reluctant to cover the costs of coronavirus for restaurants how will it all playout?
Phone call
Seated Launches Advice Hotline for Restaurants
Business advice hotline by Seated can help restaurateurs navigate the choppy waters of the coronavirus crisis.
Closed Restaurant
How You Can Help: A list of Funds for US Crews and Restaurants
Restaurants and non-profits across the US are raising funds to help those affected by restaurant and bar closures as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. Find out how you can help.
coronavirus closed
Resources and Funds for Restaurant Workers in The U.S
Resources and aid programs for restaurant workers affected by the coronavirus pandemic in the US