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Christmas Gift Ideas

christmas tree with lights
Christmas Tree Decorations for Foodies
What does the gourmand with everything hang on their Christmas tree? Here are some ideas.
Sustainable Gifts for Foodies
12 Sustainable Christmas Gifts for Foodies
Going sustainable this Christmas? Here are some gift ideas that will keep on giving, from insect hives to fermentation kits. Take a look.
Sustainable food
9 sustainable Christmas gifts for the foodie in your life
The 9 best sustainable Christmas gifts for the foodie or the chef in your life
The cover of Signature Dishes that Matter
Over 200 iconic foods captured in Signature Dishes
Signature Dishes That Matter, published by Phaidon, offers a captivating look at the rich history of restaurant culture and over 200 iconic foods that have shaped the past 300 years of eating out.
The ideal wine glasses
Sniff like a pro with these wine glasses
What was once merely a vessel that carried wine from point A (the bottle) to point B (your mouth), the wine glass has become the center of atten
4 Chefs and Their Favorite Food Books from 2013
The best food and cookbooks of 2013. A list by Dan Barber, April Broomfield, Rick Bayless and the publisher Christopher Kimball.
Sunglasses Made from Wine Barrels
Designer sunglasses made from recycled oak wine barrels that come in a range of colored tints.