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Chinese Cuisine

Tasty chicken with a sweet and savoury orange sauce: get a Chinese orange chicken recipe to make at home.
West Lake Restaurant
Take a Look at the World's Biggest Chinese Restaurant
China is a big country with a big culinary tradition
Peking Duck
Peking Duck Done Right - Best Duck Recipe We've Seen
This has to be the best duck recipe on the web; produced by ChefSteps, it breaks down the process of how peking duck is made.
Dianxi Xiaoge’s Traditional Chinese Cooking is Mesmerising
Dianxi Xiaoge’s has a YouTube channel that demonstrates traditional cooking, with seasonal ingredients from the Yunnan province in Southwest China.
Eddie Huang CRS campaign
Why "Chinese restaurant syndrome" is BS!
MSG has been negatively associated with Chinese food for too long. Eddie Huang is on a campaign to correct this inherent racism, starting with the dictionary's definition of "Chinese restaurant syndrome".
Chinese mitten crab
Chinese Mitten Crab
A closer look at Chinese mitten crab, a traditional autumn delicacy especially in Eastern China regions. Find out the truth to originate, select and make it at home.
Chinese Mooncake
Numbers behind... Mooncake
As the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival 2019 draws close on 13th September, here's an opportunity to rediscover one of the most delicious cakes of the Asian pastry-making tradition, along with its many secrets.
Try the fresh flavour of this light Cantonese dish of steamed fish with soy sauce, scallions and ginger.
Peking duck
How To Make Peking Duck
Its crispy skin makes Peking duck irresistible. Learn how to make this Chinese delicacy in our recipe round up.