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A Chef's Touch

Paccheri with ragu, a gourmet pasta dish.
Celebrate World Pasta Day with gourmet recipes by top chefs
Five Italian chefs from Michelin-starred restaurants share their unique pasta recipes to help celebrate the day in style.
Bread slices
Blender Bread is Fast, Fluffy and Gluten Free
Try the easy and quick blender bread that uses only a few ingredients for a fluffy and gluten free loaf.
Giorgio Nava is an Italian chef living in Cape Town for over 10 years, and this recipe is for his signature dish based on lamb from the Karo
See Hiša Franko's New Sustainable Uniforms
A chef's creativity doesn't begin and end with food.
Lasagna Toothpaste_Ristorante 1978
Would You Brush Your Teeth with Lasagna?
Young chef and self-professed lasagna head, Valerio Braschi, harnesses his love of his favourite dish in a lasagna flavoured toothpaste dish at his Roman restaurant. Find out more.
Mushrooms pot
How to Boil Mushrooms the Right Way
Boiling mushrooms is the correct way to cook mushrooms according to chef turned mushroom expert Jim Fuller.
Air Pancake
How to Make Albert Adriá's Air Pancake Recipe
Albert Adriá shows us how to make his famed air pancake from his Enigma restaurant in Barcelona.
Chef plating
6 Ways Chefs Can Balance Creativity with Business Decisions
Chef Paul Sorgule brings his years of experience to bear on the issue all chefs face - balancing creative flair with the bottom line.
Ferran Adrià will forever be celebrated as a pioneer of molecular gastronomy.
More than a chef devoted to Peruvian cuisine, Gastón Acurio is a watershed for the projection of the culture of his country in the world.