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Canadian Food

Soma chocolates.
Bean-to-bar, coast to coast
Canadian chocolate makers, who produce more than Switzerland, keep winning awards – and getting along.
Canadian Indigenous food
Where is Canada’s Indigenous Food Scene?
Kiki Aranita attended this year's Terroir symposium in Calgary, Canada, and went in search of the country's indigenous cuisine. Find out more.
Fair Island: Cod Fishing, Seal Hunting and Living with Ghosts of the Past
In the North Atlantic, near Canada's eaternmost point, Fair Island is haunted by the the struggles past, but finding a new future. Kaja Sajovic visited the people that still fish, hunt, cook and live on the island.
canadian poutine ©iStock
What is Canadian Poutine?
Originally from Québec, Poutine has long been a favorite of late-night crowds with savoury cravings after a night on the town. When it comes to iconic Canadian dishes, few would deny that Poutine sits alone at the top of the pile.
canadian nanaimo bars ©iStock
Nanaimo Bars: A Traditional Canadian Christmas Dessert
Nanaimo Bars are a traditional Canadian Christmas dessert. The holidays wouldn't be the same without them. Let’s have a look at different spins on the Nanaimo bar, starting of course with the traditional recipe.
Canadian First Nations Foods on the Menu
From marbled muskox chops to bison and bannock, indigenous food and ingredients are coming to fine dining menus across Canada.
Canadian tourtiere iStock
Cooking the Classics: Canadian Tourtière
Discover how to make the centuries-old, French-Canadian dish known as tourtière, a popular festive centrepiece.
Maple bacon doughnut snacks for Canada Day.
6 sweet and savoury snacks for Canada Day
1 July is Canada Day: discover the traditional Canada Day foods Canadians love to chow down on throughout the day and night’s festivities.