Asian Cuisine

Hawking Tall: UNESCO Boost for Singapore Street Food
It's been a tough year for the hospitality industry all over the world, but Singapore's hawkers have something to shout about following official recognition by UNESCO. Here we explored the Lion City's hawker centres to find out the word on the street about UNESCO, and how it could change the game for Singapore's hawker stalls.
Saving Singapore's Heritage Cuisine
The heritage dishes of Singapore are in danger of dying out, as tastes and lifestyles change among younger people. But some chefs are working hard to keep the dishes alive as an important reflection of Singaporean identity.
Green Curry
Finding the Heart of Cambodian Cuisine in the U.S.
Cambodian cuisine has often been overlooked in favour of Thai and Vietnamese food, but a new generation of Cambodian chefs are helping Khmer cuisine to flourish in the United States.
Bamboo Shoots
Shooting up – The Rise of Bamboo Shoots
Bamboo shoots have long been a staple in many Asian countries, but the humble sprouts are becoming more and more popular around the world, with lots of inventive and tasty ways to prepare them. Here's a look at bamboo shoots.
Black Sugar Japanese Sugar
Black Sugar: Is This The Sweetest Trend of 2020?
This dark-hued sweet treat is popular in beverages like boba tea (bubble tea), and fans swear it even has medicinal powers. Should you try it?
Easy Samosa Recipe: How to Make Perfect Samosas
Easy Samosa Recipe: How to Make Perfect Samosas
Samosas win in versatility: it can be a snack, a party trick, an appetiser, or a side. Find out about this dish from India and try our many recipe suggestions.
Just follow the simple steps below to prepare a mouthwatering Mie Kuah, an Indonesian fried curried noodles recipe.
Rancid Food: A New Taste for Chefs to Consider
We look at rancidity in food and how with some clever science it could become a new taste for chefs to use in their cooking.