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African Cuisine

Dishes at Akoko, one of London's best West African restaurants.
Where to try the West African new wave in London
West African cuisine, beyond traditional ‘auntie-style’ spots, is booming in London. Here are the creative restaurants you need to know about.
overhead-shot-large-platterof-food-with hands-holding-spoons
Pick Up the Fonio, Save the World?
Fonio is the all-but-forgotten African grain that could pep up your cooking and save the world, according to chef Pierre Thiam. Kiki Aranita went to watch him in action, and spoke to him about this ancient ingredient.
Peter Tempelhoff
Chef Peter Tempelhoff is Battling Through in South Africa
At his restaurants, Fyn, Beyond and Stickman, Peter Templehoff with his relentlessly positive attitude and fearless leadership, is turning crisis into opportunity in Cap Town, South Africa.
London chef Zoe Adjonyoh shares her recipe for a traditional Ghanian style whole baked tilapia in this step-by-step recipe from her deb
London chef Zoe Adjonyoh shares her recipe for a light and spicy, wholesome and warming broth.
London chef Zoe Adjonyoh shares her step-by-step recipe for a crunchy and fiery coleslaw from her debut cookbook, Zoe's Ghana Kitch
Learn how to cook a traditional North African dish, Moroccan beef stew, with tips, ideas and a traditional recipe from Fine Dining Lovers.
Hands holding seeds
"Angel Hands" - Teaching the Importance of Food
Claudia Mauderer was recently shortlisted for the Sony World Photography Award 2021 Student competition, wit
Braai South Africa barbecue
South African Braai for Christmas
In South Africa, the national tradition of braai (barbecue) has long replaced the Western stuffed turkey and pudding.