Gone are the days when global perception of Australian food was limited to the stereotypical Vegemite sandwiches and shrimps on the barbie. In recent decades, Sydney chefs like Peter Gilmore have put
modern Australian cuisine on the map, transforming Sydney into a major culinary destination brimming with extraordinary dining experiences. A strong respect for local ingredients meets an abundance of international influences to form a uniquely Australian culinary voice.

Australian cuisine fiercely resists any straightforward definition. But that ambiguity fuels a sense of freedom for Sydney’s top chefs to create and explore a definition on their own terms, taking full advantage of a truly unique terroir. Of course, traditional Australian barbecue is still cherished, as are meat pies and kangaroo, but Sydney’s culinary identity is constantly and magnificently in flux.

Sydney’s cocktail culture first bloomed when British bartenders visited the Australia, fell in love, and decided to stay long term. Today, Sydney hosts some of the most inspired mixology the world, along with impressive rooftop terraces and beachside bars where you can sip Tasmanian Riesling or local craft brews.

You could spend a lifetime exploring Sydney’s possibilities and still just scratch the surface. Explore one of the city’s many “eat streets,” stroll through Sydney Fish Market (one of the biggest in the world), and sample one of the world’s most serious coffee cultures (Sydney invented the fan-favorite flat white).

Chef Josh Niland
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Sydney Night Noodle Markets
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S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2019 Pacific Final Winners
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Australia Wins Title of the World's Best Gelato Maker
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