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Yasuhiro Sasajima: "Umami is Everywhere"

An interview withe the Japanese chef Yasuhiro Sasajima who runs Il Ghiottone, a restaurant that serves Italian food in Kyoto. Enjoy the video!

By FDL on

Yasuhiro Sasajima runs the Il Ghiottone restaurant in Kyoto, Japan, an interesting place that tries to asks, ‘If Kyoto was a region in Italy, what kind of restaurant would be there?”

Sasajima is crazy for Italian cooking and has created a restaurant in Japan that serves his own take on classic Italian cuisine.

He has a great understanding of umami and talks about how he looks for this kick using Italian ingredients like parmesan and tomato. He also talks about how umami and amami are some of the first things we ever taste in life as they're both found in breast milk. On top of his extensive research and thrist for knwoledge, Sasajima believes the role of a chef is to take care of the health of the people they are cooking for.

He is a chef who has created a unique restaurant in Kyoto combining a basis of Italian with locally sourced ingredients and his passion for Italian cuisine is evident throughout the interview, especially when he reveals his favorite Italian dish. 


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