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Wine Tips: the Perfect Wine Tasting

Wine Tips: the Perfect Wine Tasting

Learn more about wine and how to taste it correctly with this collection of wine tips from FDL. Including wine video tutorials and a midnight grape harvest

By FDL on

Until March 30th, the Boston Harbor Hotel will host the Boston Wine Festival, an almost three-month event dedicated to the best wine: producers and sommeliers from around the world, who will be serving and tasting wines alongside the dishes by the event’s official chef Daniel Bruce. During these two decades of developing the Festival, Daniel has created more than three thousand original dishes, each one designed to perfectly complement the special wine with which it was served.

Authentic wine lovers won’t have any excuses for arriving unprepared: thanks to the video wine lessons from the internationally famous sommelier Andreas Larssonwho was voted the world’s best sommelier of 2007. Larsson teaches fine dining lovers how to recognize the perfect pairings between food and wines, how to conserve and transport bottles,what never to do during a wine tasting and even how to bluff through one. Thanks to Larsson’s hints, suggestions and tips, you’ll always be at ease with a glass in hand, when it comes to opening a bottle, and when someone asks what you think of a specific wine.

But that’s not all. Did you know that in the heart of one of Paris’s most suggestive and famous neighbourhoods, there’s a tiny vineyard that produces various kinds of grapes? The Clos Montmartre is the last active vineyard inside the Paris city limits: it covers 1,556 sq m and contains 1,900 vines of 28 different grape varieties including Gamay and Pinot Noir.

And it’s impossible to talk seriously about wine without talking about some of the great Italian families whose wine is enjoyed and sold all over the world. Not just as a mere product, but as a cultural vehicle and expression of a specific territory. We introduce you to the producers behind theBellavista label in the Franciacorta area of Lombardy, famous for its spumante, as well as the Sicilian family that produces Donnafugata and that takes us along on a suggestive nocturnal grape harvest

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