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Wine Tasting Tips: the Perfect Wine Match | Video Lesson

The second in an exclusive series of video lessons about wine, presented exclusively for FDL by the famous Swedish sommelier, Andreas Larsson

By FDL on

Does drinking red wine with fish sound like madness to you? Do you think red wine should be paired only with meat? You're wrong!

Fine Dining Lovers provides you with some special wine tips and tricks with Glass Class, an exclusive series of video lessons given by Andreas Larsson, named the World’s Best Sommelier in 2007.

In the first episode we learnt what never to do with wine and the most commonly made mistakes: serving temperature, glass shapes and how to properly fill them.. Today you'll learn some unexpected pairings between wine and food, and how to choose the perfect wine for every dish.

But this is just the second in a series of lessons given by Larsson: the commandments of proper wine tasting, things you must know about wine, how to transport and store it, and of course all the tools and glasses you need to keep your wine passion alive.

Don’t miss a single class!

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