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Wine Tasting Tips: The 'Impossible' Pairings | Video Lesson

Are you a wine lover? International sommelier Andreas Larsson shares some tips for unexpected pairings: artichokes, strong spices and much more

By FDL on

Fine Dining Lovers provides you with some special wine tips and tricks with Glass Class, an exclusive series of video lessons given by Andreas Larsson, named the World’s Best Sommelier in 2007.

We aready know that meat and fish are very wine friendly ingredients, but what about bitter vegetables like spinaches or artichokes, and spicy ingredients like chili peppers? In this video we'll learn how to manage the so called 'impossible' pairings, with ingredients not so easy to pair with wine.

This is the last in a series of nine exclusive video, but you still could enjoy the whole series and deepen your passion for wine.

Here are all the videos, don't miss a single oneif you are a wine lover!

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