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Weekly Bites <br> 24th March 2013

Weekly Bites
24th March 2013

This week at FDL we sat down with NYC restaurateur Joe Bastianich, interviewed an 'almost famous' chef and discovered Agatha Christie's obsession with cream.

By FDL on

An Interview with the Restaurant Man

The week began with our exlucusive interview with New York City restaurateur Joe Bastianich

Bastianich, whose famous mother Lydia is a chef and cooking show host, is busy working around the clock managing his restaurant empire, vineyards around the world and Eataly shop in New York.

The restaurateur shared his three pet peeves when dining out: ''Polyester napkins, plastic menus, and soda from soda guns. If you see any of these upon entering a restaurant, turn around immediately.''

Here is FDL's full interview with this New York City hotshot.

An Almost Famous Chef

From New York we went on to interview one chef Tony Mantuano, one of the judges chefs from the 2013 S.Pellegrino Almost Famous Chef competition.

We also had the pleasure of interviewing the winner Kristen Thibeault from Le Cordon Bleu school in Boston. Thibeault beat the competition with her unique cuisine and won a cash prize of $13,000.

Here is what Mantuano had to say about this life-changing competion: ''When I was coming up as a chef, we did not have competitions like this and I wish we did. In particular, this competition is great for the industry and stresses teh importance of mentorship.''

Read all about the competition and stay tuned for Thibeault's next career moves.

Agatha Christie's Creamy Obsession

We ended the week with an interesting bit of trivia: did you know mystery novel writer Agatha Christie loved Devonshire cream?

The author was so obsessed with the cream she would drink it by the cupful - she even kept a cup of Devonshire cream by her typewriter at all times. Talk about being a gourmand!

We even learned that Christie had a very special recipe for her favorite food, which made it even more decadent. Can't wait to learn more about it? Get the full scoop here.

In the blog

This week in the blog we brought you news about Chez Panisse's being closed indefinitely after the fire on March 8th, updates of Ferran Adrià's BulliPedia and an escapade to a chocolate oasis in the Carbbean.

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