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The Week In Bites<br>9th December 2012

The Week In Bites
9th December 2012

This week was full of indulgences - from champagne and lobster to the fascinating life of Marie Antoinette and the wacky world of food explosions

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The Secret Life of Champagne Bottles

This week started with a pop when we examined the functional yet elegant design of champagne bottles.

We learned very interesting facts. For instance, have you ever noticed a champagne bottle is slightly bigger than a traditional wine bottle? Did you know the dimple at the of the bottle is called a 'punt'?

Champagne is certainly one of the finer things in life, so why not pour yourself a glass of bubbly while you enjoying reading the secrets behind champagne bottles. Cheers!

Luscious Lobster Food Porn 

From champagne, we went on to explore another indulgent treat: lobster. This time we met with Italian chef Maurizio Serra to watch how he prepared an exquisite and colorful lobster recipe.

Serra is known as one of the chefs from Gusto Italiano, a cookbook that involved 78 Italian cooks for the dinner course. His delightful lobster salad recipe is guaranteed to stir your appetite.

Sit back and enjoy this video of the chef preparing this lobster appetizer - get ready for some major food porn.

Dining with Marie Antoinette

After a week of champagne and lobster, our sweet ending was dedicated to none other than Marie Antoinette. Extravagant and beautiful, she was the youngest daughter of Emperor Francis I and Empress Maria Theresa. Given in marriage to Louis XVI, she ended up as an ill-fated queen.

When confronted with the problem that peasants had run out of bread, she is credited with declaring ''let them eat cake.'' Although she met her death at the guillotine during the French Revolution, Marie-Antoinette is also credited with introducing croissants to the French.

Read all about Marie Antoinette's fascinating story and get the recipe for the pastries she made famous.

In the blog

This week in the blog we brought you news that Ferran Adria doesn't miss elBulli, the interesting world food explosions and a look at the top 100 wines of 2012.


Photo credit: Heston Blumenthal's Snail Porridge

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