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The Week in Bites | 7th August 2011

The Week in Bites | 7th August 2011

Read this recap of Fine Dining Lovers' best articles of the week on 7th August 2011

By FDL on

Getting the right setting

Although it's not suited for every dining occasion one must admit that there's something quite special about sitting down for a meal at a finely laid table. A table where every-detail has been planned and every piece placed perfectly.

With this in mind FDL asked none other than, Marcio Stahlecker – the head designer for Fête, one of New York’s most important event planning companies - to offer some tips on creating a great event and more importantly how to dress the perfect table.

There was also a picture gallery of some remarkably dressed tables, a look at a table setting school and a look at two books deigned to help people lay the perfect table. So if you're looking for some tips and tricks to impress guests at your next dinner party this one is not to be missed.

Pasta with the masters

Again this week FDL went on a special trip to Bologna to meet with the world famous Simili sisters. The sisters, Valeria and Margherita have been taking FDL through lessons on how to make the many variations of authentic Italian pasta.

So far they've taken us through step-by-step guides on how to make egg dough, tagliatelle, tortelli and this week how to make homemade Italian gnocchi. The flour and potato recipe is simple but can be a tricky dish to master without the expert guidance given by someone like the sisters.

There was also a biography for those wanting to know more about the charismatic twins, a recipe for gnocchi and a recipe for an authentic Italian ragu, or Bolognese sauce.

The king of the sea

Also this week there was a look at the history of codfish and how, a recipe raided from the Vikings, became a part of dishes in Spain, Portugal and Venice.

This intriguing insight talks about how saltcod allowed the viking armies to sail off on ocean voyages, preserving the food in a way it would last and could be chewed throughout the journey like biscuits.

There was also a look at an authentic salt cod recipe for a traditional portugese meal: Bacalhau à Brás and an appreciative reflection on some of the vintage labels that can be found adorning the tins of a very special supplier in Lisbon.

Also this week

There was a resourceful piece on weeds and how the often irritating garden nuisance can actually lead to some great kitchen flavours to experiment with. All that and more in this week's Fine Dining Lovers.

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