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The Week in Bites | 5th June 2011

The Week in Bites | 5th June 2011

26 facts about rice, BBQs and the perfect sandwich, an interview Andreas Larsson and a lawyer who quit her job to train at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris

By FDL on

The Swedish Sommelier

This week FDL took you all on an intimate wine discovery with the award winning Sommelier, Andreas Larsson. Larson is one of the niggest names in wine and in this exclusive video interview FDL met with him in the heart of wine country, Bordeaux. Here the Swedish wine master told FDL how his passion for wine began and offered some tips on how to best understand a bottle of wine.

There was also a biography of Larsson who has won countless awards and contests for his great palette and also his uncanny ability to describe wines in a language everyone can understand. He even offered a few tips and tricks on the perfect wine pairings.


Rice is everywhere, almost every culture has developed some form of dish around this infamous grain and this week FDL decided to bring you 26 interesting facts about rice that you may not know.

On top of that there was a look at the man who accidentally turned rice into one of the biggest selling breakfast cereals, Will Keith Kellogg. A piece about some rice remedies and a closer inspection of the different varieties of rice on offer.

A Lawyer in the Kitchen

Many people have a dream career, the one they know they'd be more than happy waking up for every morning for the rest of their life. This week FDL met with a women who decided to follow her dream of a career in food and succeeded.

Rachel Quigley was a financial lawyer in the city earning good money with her life mapped out. Then after getting a promotion at work she started to analyze her career and decided she wasn't happy. It was then she decided to quit her job and start a course at the famous culinary school Le Cordon Bleu in Paris.

The piece was an interesting look at someone who has taken the plunge and followed a foodie dream. There was also two great recipes from Rachel, one for Olive oil and raspberry gel and another for salad of peach, citrus and coriander.

Quick Round up

As the summer months near and the season for cooking meat outside is upon us, FDL took a closer look at barbeque and related rituals. There was also some tips on how to make the perfect sandwich and a look at a last gourmet snack, from chef Gualtiero Marchesi.

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