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The Week in Bites | 5th february 2012

The Week in Bites | 5th february 2012

Top tips for serving wine correctly. the current efforts into creating sustainable and ethical sushi and best selling authors to discuss their food passion

By FDL on

Become a master

Wine is one of those things that you choose to go as deep into as you want. You may prefer a particular kind, grape or even year. You may understand the many distinct flavors in a glass and appreciate its region or you may just love it when a nice wine works well with a great plate of food.

Understanding that everyone's wine understanding is different FDL have taken it upon ourselves to pass on as much wine knowledge as we can. And for that we needed an expert, cue the Swedish sommelier, Andreas Larsson.

Andreas has kindly shared a number of tips and tricks for understanding wine. How to know if a wine is good, how to choose a great tasting wine that's not too expensive, how to pair wines with food and his most recent video all about the tips, tools and gadgets required to serve wine correctly. A great resource for anyone wanting to improve their wine knowledge.

Ethical Sushi

For a long time now, scientists and researchers have been warning the world about the vastly depleting supplies of fish in the oceans. Over farming, increased consumption have already led to shortages of specific fish, such as cod.

Running almost paradoxically to these warnings of rapidly emptying oceans has been the ever growing demand for Sushi. In all major cities around the word Sushi bars, restaurants and revolving factory conveyor belts of fresh fish have been appearing. The question is how can this demand be met without completely wiping out the world's fish population?

FDL have already looked at vegan sushi but this week we decided to investigate further by taking a look at some of the new ethical approaches being tested in the world of sushi fishing and production. From vegetarian cookbooks from sushi masters to the restaurant in Germany replacing tuna with venison with some amazing results.

Craving words

This week FDL decided to take a look back at some of the wonderful and fun interviews we have done with a number of writers over the past year. These were intimate interviews with a number of best selling authors, discussing their books but also finding out they all shared a strong passion for food - although most of them very different.

We spoke with John Stephens, author of the The Emerald Atlas, about his favorite meal of the day. Ian Sansom, the English writer behind the popular series, Mobile library and the Spanish lawyer, Ildefonso Falcones, who wrote Cathedral of the Sea and The Hand of Fatima, a mab who is all about the pizza!

All three interviews were a great insight into how every one of us reserve a special place for food in our hearts. Weather it's a memorable dinner, an emotive flavor or a particular dish we couldn't live without. After many interviews with many people FDL have realised that most, if not all, hold some form of fond food memory...

Tell FDL your favorite food memory in the comments below...

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