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The Week in Bites | 4th December 2011

The Week in Bites | 4th December 2011

A trip to Lazio to meet the producers of a very special extra virgin Olive Oil, a georgian feast and a very secret supper club event held in New York

By FDL on

Oil along the watch tower

This week FDL accepted a very special invite to visit the producers of Bertarello extra virgin olive oil. Their farm, nestled on an estate in the Lazio region of Italy, has been producing high quality olives for the past 150-years and we were lucky enough to visit just a few days before this year's harvest.

While there we filmed an exclusive behind the scenes video with Beatrice Peruzzi the owner of the estate. She talked FDL through the process of harvesting olives and the number of steps required to produce great extra virgin olive oil.

We also managed to convince Beatrice to share with us some of her favorite recipes that use oil and were rather surprised with the great quality recipes she provided. One for duck breast, one for blue lobster and the final one for piedmontese beef.

Georgian Fusion

FDL were in Georgia this week to fill you in on the work of a very special chef, Tekuna Gachechiladze. Tekuna has been been conducting a lot of research into mixing local food traditions with Asian and international cuisine and we thought the work deserved highlighting.

The piece focused on the work of Tekuna but also on how the whole food tradition in Georgia is made up of a number of influences caused by it's history and geographical location. FDL also managed to attend a Georgian feast or a supra as it's called and we paid particular focus to the wine producers in the country - a place with one of the oldest wine cultures in the world.

There was also a look khachapuri-bread, a Georgian comfort food served in many shapes and sizes - sometimes resembling bread and other times pastry - a delicious treat served on most tables thtoughout Georgia.

Dinner Bell

This week we also visited New York to attend a very secret supper club and one we've waited to get a seat at for almost 6-months. It is a truly unique supper club and one that's attracted lots of attention since it formed. Hosted by the designer, Julia Zieglet-Haynes, the club is part of a culinary movement spreading throughout the worl and particularly in America.

So with other passionate foodies we decided to wait for our place to attend a dinner at Julia's house in Brooklyn. Only 16 guests were at the event and we were lucky enough to be one of them. The food was regional and the relaxed atmosphere and conviviality made for a great piece and must attend event for anyone serious about new food experiences.

If New York is a little too far for you, there was a look at other supper clubs around the world. There was also a recipe for roasted beet rotolo and a look at a new online gusto community for aimed at serious foodies.

Also this week

FDL columnist Luciana Bianchi travelled to San Sebastian in Spain to report form Gastronomika 2011.

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