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The Week in Bites | 31st July 2011

The Week in Bites | 31st July 2011

A farewell to Ferran Adria as his elBulli restaurant serves it's last dishes (for a while), a stylish picnic in Tuscany and an interview with Kyung-Sook Shin

By FDL on

A Chic-nic 

FDL received a very special invite this week to attend a unique picnic (or should we say Chic-nic) at Villa Panna in Tuscanny. 

FDL of course accepted this invite and brought back an atmospheric video of a very special picnic. While there we also managed to speak with chef, Marco Stabile who guided us through how he creates a menu for a traditional Tuscan event with a contemporary twist. 

You can see how he harnessed clasical, regional flavours and ingredients and served them all in an innovative way in this exclusive video. The piece also featured the entire chic-nic menu, a recipe for Seafood “ribollita” and a biography of Marco Stabile.

Farewell Ferran: A tribute to elBulli. 

It was impossible to talk about food this week without mentioning Ferran Adria and the closing of his revolutionary restaurant elBulli. On the 30th July 2011 the restaurant in Rose, Spain closed its doors for the last time to be re-opened in 2014 as a culinary school.

To mark the occasion and pay homage to the one of the fore fathers of molecular gastronomy FDL printed an excerpt from the book Tribulli a tribute to Ferran and his work at elBulli. 

In the book friends and colleagues, like Heston Blumenthal, Rene Redzepi and Anatoly Komm pay tribute to Ferran. FDL were very lucky to get the extracts, as the book, edited by Rafael Garcia Santos, was a limited edition with only 1000 numbered copies ever printed. 

There was also a look at the rumours of a Hollywood (or even Bulli-wood) movie in the works and how Esquire in Spain paid tribute with a specialscratch and sniff edition in which readers could smell of elBulli's custom scents. 

Please Look after Mum 

FDL were very lucky to be invited for a dinner and interview with the Korean Author, Kyung-Sook Shin, the writer of the best-selling book:“Please Look After Mom”. This was an intimate interview and insight into a women who has now become a sort of hero in her native country and whose book is now read throughout the world. 

The book, a tale of cuisine, the kitchen and the cultural significance that her mother placed on food is a truly compelling read and to meet and interview the author meant FDL could find out even more than the information offered within the pages of her novel.

There was also a recipe for Korean beef soup with onion and ginger, abiography of Kyung-Sook Shin and a closer look at her book. 

Also this week 

There was an interview with the artist Hsieth Chun-Te and a great picture gallery of his work being exhibited at the Venice Exhibition of the Biennale. There was also a look at a very special culinary school in Sicily - all that and more this week on Fine Dining Lovers. 

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