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The Week in Bites | 2nd October 2011

The Week in Bites | 2nd October 2011

The G9: A meeting with some of the world's best chefs, an invite to a very secret dinner and a video explaining how to pair wines correctly

By FDL on

A gastro-social manifesto

This week FDL brought a report direct from Peru and our new columnist Luciana Bianchi. Luciana is welcomed on board by the FDL team with open arms and her years of experience as a chef and writer means we are set for some great articles.

And to start she was in attendence at the G9 in Lima, a recent high profile meeting, in which some of the world's top chefs set out their declaration for the future of the hospitality industry. It's not every day Ferren Adria and Rene Redzepi sit down at the same table and Luciana brought back a first hand report from this special event. Telling FDL all about the points set out in what has been dubbed, the Lima Declaration.

There was also a look at the opening of the new Basque Culinary Centre in Spain, a detailed account of the points set out in the declaration and a short biography of the nine chefs who made up the G9 committee.

Dinner En Blanc

Never ones to shy away from an interesting dinner date when FDL were this week invited to attend a very special lunch (or maybe breakfast) as part of the Le Grand Fooding festival in New York we knew we had to be there.

The dinner was part of the festival and was held in a secret pop-up restaurant at 9am all part of a 52-hour cooking marathon shared by just 13 chefs. As well as sampling venison tartar for breakfast FDL also managed to capture the moment and intimacy of the event with a stunning picture gallery.

There was also a look at Le Grand Fooding in Milan, an interview with Ana Ros, one of the chefs involved in the marathon and a piece on the festivals camp fire session held in NY with even more pictures.

Glass Class 3

FDL were back with the Swedish sommelier this week, Andreas Larsson, to film the third instalment of our glass class series. In the videos Larsson sets out all the tips and tricks needed to learn how to taste wine correctly.

So far we met Larsson in his home town where he told us all about his passion for wine, then in video two he taught FDL the things you should never do with wine. In his third video the world class sommelier sets out some tips for pairing wine correctly at the table and important point when planning a special dinner party.

There was also a biography for those wanting to know more about this passionate wine lover, the four golden rules for finding the perfect wine match and some nice food and wine pairings from some of Larsson's favorites.

Also this week

FDL managed to sqeeze in a trip to Tuscany for a very special cooking lesson set within a castle.

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