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The Week in Bites | 29th May 2011

The Week in Bites | 29th May 2011

The highest restaurant in the world, Supper Club and an exclusive interview with a culatello master: read Fine Dining Lovers best of the week

By FDL on

Dubai, where everything is big

The dizzy picture above is because this week FDL overcame it's fear of heights and brought you a piece about the world's tallest restaurant. At.mosphere in Dubai opened in in April this year and the restaurant has certainly caused a stir, already picking up an award after only 3 months of opening.

The almost futuristic view is because the restaurant sits on the 122nd floor, 440 metres in the sky housed within the worlds tallest construction. And as well quite literally taking their guests breath away as the air thins in the minute long lift ride, At.mosphere also offers top quality cuisine and you can read more about it here.

Staying well within the realm of Dubai's alluring excess there was a look at some of the gourmet shopping outlets within this stand out destination that's gone from fishing town to future town in just over three decades. There was also some tips on how to make a traditional Qahwa Arabic coffee.

Come dine at mine

All across the world there's a new dining movement, it's food orientated sub culture, an underground club and one where not everyone's invited. It's made up of discerning diners, pleasure seekers, and conviviality hunters who are sitting down to enjoy lovingly prepared food within the homes of strangers.

They're called supper clubs and there's thousands of them. From underground cake and tea parties to 10-course fine dining within a Parisian apartment, FDL took a closer look at this rather new spin on the phrase 'come dine at mine'. We visited an exciting new supper club in Manchester, England, called The Spice Club where a mum and daughter duo serve traditional Indian food to up to 20 guests a time - all within their family home.

To help the FDL community get involved in this exciting approach to eating out, there was also a supper club round up and a piece on the women credited with starting it all in the UK wih her underground secret restaurant, Ms Marmitelover.

Pig for a Prince

Embedded in the land surrounding Parma, on the banks of the Po river lies an Italian estate that houses both a Michelin starred restaurant and perhaps more impressively, Massimo Spigaroli a master Culatello producer. His family have been producing this unique Italian salume for over 150 years and this week FDL were lucky enough to meet and film him at work.

In an exclusive video interview he invited FDL for a tour of his estate which houses over 5,000 hung Culatelli. He also explained the processes he puts his meat through and how one of his most important ingredients is the October fog.

His finished product is of such a high standard that upon tasting it Prince Charles invited him to Wales for a 'farmer' to 'farmer' chat before arranging a deal in which the Prince sent his own pigs to Massimimo to have them go through Spigaroli's loving, tender and above all tasty process.

The meat is then sent back to Wales for the Prince to serve to his guests. A true Italian taste keeper in a video that will make you appreciate that next piece of Culatello just a little bit more. There was also a biography expanding on Spigoroli with an insightful picture gallery that showed the family history and this young master before he learned his trade.

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