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The Week in Bites | 26th June 2011

The Week in Bites | 26th June 2011

Best of the week: food in space, a QnA with Noma's Rene Redzepi and how to make pasta with the Simili sisters

By FDL on


To start this week FDL brought you and extensive report from within Taste of London. The food festival is now in its 9th year and attracts around 50,000 people over 4 days.

While there they consume over 200,000 dishes and 30,000 glasses of wine - FDL were there to witness it all and investigate a statement by Jay Rayner that the British no longer feel guilty about paying lots of money for good food.

There was also a round up of some of the interesting products on sale at the event, a closer look at other food festivals around the UK and two picture galleries - one on the main event and one of all the foodie products and delights for people to try.

The main attraction at the festival was the Nomadic chef, Rene Redzepi. He was there for the opening day and answered audience questions at the San Pellegrino Trilogy Master class - FDL were there throughout and brought and you the best questions and answers given by the award winning chef. So if you want to know if the rumors are true that Rene is developing his own Marmit click here.

The Pasta Masters

The charming and wonderful Simili sisters have been back at FDL this week with their second video tutorial on how to make pasta.

The pair were introduced a few weeks ago in their first video explaining how to make traditional egg dough pasta and this week they developed this by showing FDL how to make tagliatelle and tortelli. In this video the sisters provide a step by step guide on what to do with your egg dough pasta once it's made.

There was also a recipe for how to make an authentic Ragu or Bolognese sauce and a recipe showing you how to make tortelli filling. And for those wanting to know more about these iconic twins there was a biography telling readers more about the dynamic duo.

Food in space

Did you know that spicy food tastes best in space and that the crew working on the Mars 500 mission asked for, and were served, Italian cuisine while they were floating around in zero gravity above the earth.

The magic of food in space and the different forms it can take in a place without atmosphere was examined this week in Astronauts and what they eat ?

There was also a look at a Star Trek cook book, a look at drinking in space and a great picture gallery by Hunter Freeman showing the melancholy humor of a lonely astronaut on earth.

Also this week

There was 26 interesting facts about honey and a look at the new cup cap craze sweeping bakeries around the world. There was also a closer look at pizza in Naples and a special recipe for making homemade pizza.

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