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The Week in Bites | 26th February 2012

The Week in Bites | 26th February 2012

The race to bring fine dining food onboard planes, an interview with award winning director Alexandre Payne and how to cook the perfect steak using science

By FDL on

Dining at 50,000 Feet

To start this week FDL were up in the clouds, 50,000 feet in the clouds to be precise, taking a look at the new dining revolution currently underway across a number of airlines.

In fact it seems that ever since British Airways invited the Michelin star chef, Heston Blumenthal on board to try and transform the way people eat on planes, every airline has joined the movement. All desperately trying to be the first to provide a true fine dining experience in the skies.

The piece looked at a number of airline initiatives, how food at high altitude will always taste a little dull due to the effect of altitude on flavor and how BA are looking to infuse their dishes with the fifth flavor, Umami, in an attempt to increase intense flavors for passengers eating on their planes.

Food, Family and Oscars

When FDL were offered the chance to interview Alexandre Payne, the director behind the award winning movie Sideways and more recently the academy award nominated, The Descendents - we jumped at the chance.

We talked with Alexandre about his obvious strong passion for food and wine, his films and of course his homage to wine, in particularly the wine snobbery viewed in his movie, Sideways.

We discussed his most recent film, currently in for five Academy Award nominations, and about his favorite moussaka recipe. He also told us how he's applied his grandma's old cooking proverb and philosophy to how he makes films.

Appliance of Science

Recently at FDL we've been taking a look at the science behind cooking, something that excites us and something we think really helps in the kitchen when trying to perfect a specific food or dish.

So far we've looked at sauces, eggs and this week we took a scientific look at meat. By looking at meat in this way we were able to learn a few tips, techniques and scientific factors to help us cook the perfect steak every time.  

So for a closer look at the Maillard effect or the correct temperatures required for getting varying results from rare to well done FDL's science of meat is certainly worth a look.

Also this week

We had another installment of our wine series with Swedish sommelier, Andreas Larsson. In this video he passed on all his knowledge of essential things to know about wine.

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