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The Week in Bites | 25th September 2011

The Week in Bites | 25th September 2011

A look at the food festival Taste of Milan, a new video recipe for apulian bread and an interesting collaboration between a famous chef and food photographer

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Food and fashion

What happens when a top chef and a top food photographer get together to collaborate on a project ? Well this week FDL were privy to this information as we looked at some work that took place between Roland Trettl, the Executive Chef of the Ikarus restaurant at Hangar-7 in Salzburg and internationally renowned photographer, Helge Kirchberger.

There was a great insight into their collaboration and a stunning picture gallery that presented a selection of their best work. There was also a biography of Trettl and a look at a book he has procuded along side Kitchberger called Fashion Food. And for those who really want to test themself in the kitchen there was a recipe from Trettl for a very special squid sashimi.

The buns in the oven

FDL welcomed back the Simili sisters this week for their fifth in a series of videos in which the charismatic lasies show you how to make traditional italian recipes. So far the pair have made their way through pasta producing some great videos on making green pasta and how to master the traditional egg dough needed to make truly authentic italian food.

This week they moved on and started to teach FDL about how to make traditional Italian bread. To start they focussed on making Apulian bread, one plain and one with olives. There was also some great tips on how to preserve your homemade breads, a biography of the sisters and a the recipe for Apulian bread for those wanting to tackle the dish at home.

Taste of Milan

It woudn't be FDL without a food event and this week was no different as we grabbed the umberella and headed to Taste of Milan. A truly wonderful food event in which guests, for the first time ever, were allowed to wonder round the the Hipperdrome usually used for horse racing. While there we sampled all the delicacies the chefs of Milan had to offer.

There was a detailed look at the festival with a picture gallery of chefs and dishes. There was also a look at a special water and wine pairing session,  a piece about some of the great shopping that was enjoyed at Taste and a look at a new book launched to showcase some of the world's most famous chefs.

Also this week

FDL went to meet our meat, well not our meat but meat prepared for Middle Eastern royalty. We travelled to Japan to meet the owner and carer of quite possible the world's most pampered cows.

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