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The Week in Bites | 24th April 2011

The Week in Bites | 24th April 2011

A recap of Fine Dining Lovers' best articles of the week

By FDL on

It's been a very busy week for for Fine Dining Lovers everywhere. The biggest note from the world of cuisine was the S.Pellegrino World's 50 Best Restuarant Awards - which took place on Monday the 18th at London's Guildhall.

It was an amazing night, with some of the world's best chefs there to see old friends, debate dishes, styles, flavours and of course pick up awards. FDL's Nicholas Rohl was at the ceremony blogging live from within the great hall and for the first time ever, the entire event was streamed live on 

Rene Redzepi's restaurant, Noma, took top spot for the second year in a row. Placing the Danish restaurant, famous for it's Nordic cuisine, at the very top of the list, yet again. Taking to the stage with his kitchen staff, Rene thanked his team, many of whom have been with him from the start. In jubilant celebrations a few even donned viking helmets.

Over twelve thousand people tuned in to watch the live stream on the fine dining lovers site, a testament to just how popular the awards are, and just how many people are keen to see the winners. The entire video of the event is still available so if you're yet to see what happened on the night - you can watch it all here.

Also at the ceremony - Spanish chef, Juan Mari Arzak was presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award - he was welcomed on stage to a standing ovation that lit up the room. The 68-year-old chef, was picked out for his work in the Arzak restaurant in San Sebastian which has been in his family for four generations.

His daughter Elena Arzak, who presented his award and also works alongside him in the kitchen, was shortlisted for the first ever Veuve Cliquot Best Female Chef award.

In homage to the Arzak chef dynasty, Fine Dining Lovers traveled to San Sebastian in Spain to meet the master and his daughter Elena. In making this exclusive video, FDL were shown how they work, where they go for their morning shop, and were given a rare glimpse of their idea bank which contains over a thousand flavours.

The video is an insight into the Arzak’s world of signature, cutting edge and evolving cuisine. So, if you're yet to watch it, sit back, relax and click here.

From further afield, this year’s 50 Best saw Chinese restaurant, Amber, at 37th place. The Peruvian, Astrid Y Gaston make 42nd on the list and Anatoly Komm’s, Varvary from Russia make the list at 48.

It was a momentous evening and one fine dining lovers are already look forward to next year.
To see the whole World's 50 Best Restaurant list click here.

In homage to Easter - this week brought an entire day dedicated to eggs.
With an A-Z of eggs, egg proverbs and egg-plications for your phone, Fine Dining Lovers were kept up to date from the world of egg news. In fact, admittedly, the pudding was over egged a little.

The FDL community on twitter really helped out with this, so thanks to everyone who sent proverbs from their part of the world. To read the egg related articles again just click on the article down the right hand side of the page and to connect with FDL on twitter make sure you follow us here.

The World Gourmet Summit in Singapore starts on the 25th April - FDL will be bringing an oversight of what's happening during the summit and an intriguing piece about the so called fifth flavour. Everyone's heard of sweet, sour, salty and bitter but do you know the fifth? That and more coming next on

FDL would also like to take this opportunity to ask the community to please send any suggestions, news or food topics they would to see on the Fine Dining Lovers website. If you have any suggestions or would just like to say hello, please email

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