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The Week in Bites | 23th October 2011

The Week in Bites | 23th October 2011

The Simili sisters with the video on how to make italian pastas and breads, a trip to a french forest and the Crave International Food Festival in Sydney

By FDL on

Farewell to the Simili sisters

We have to admit to being a little sad this week as we filmed our last video for now with the Simili sisters. The sisters, margarita and from bologna in Italy have provided FDL with some great tutorials over their six part mini series.

From the very beginning with learning the basic to make egg dough pasta to their more complex recipes for green pasta and Apulian bread. Their traditional style is great to watch and this week FDL filmed with them where they taught us all about how to make traditional Italian bread.

But this doesn't mean we won't be seeing the sisters again as the FDL office is keen to pick up more tricks from the charismatic duo. They've also passed on some real pearls of wisdom throughout the series with tips on how to preserve bread after baking, recipes for bolognaise and bechemal sauce and a number of other great kitchen tips. And if for some reason this is the first time you're reading about the sisters you can find out more about them in this biography.

Foraging in the forest

Imagine being able to step outside in nature and understand your surroundings well enough to use a forest as a place to shop for ingredients in the kitchen. Well this week FDL met with writer and blogger Linda Louis to talk about her book, L’appel gourmand de la forêt, a kind of gastronomic survival guide for the forest.

Someone who says she likes the idea of shopping in the middle of nature, Linda has lived in a forest in the heart of France for around 8-years. She has mastered the terrain and talked to FDL about what it's like to live of wild plants, herbs - wood flora and wild mushrooms.

This was a fascinating insight into the life of someone purely dedicated to living of the land. While speaking with Linda we had to ask for some recipes and she kindly provided not one but two. There was a recipe for wild apple jelly and one for wild mushroom terrine. And for anyone interested in reading Linda's book there was a synopsis here.

A food fest down under

Not ones to miss out on a good food festival FDL whisked ourselves to Australia, Sydney to be precise, to catch The Crave International Food Festival a glorious event of culture, tastes and an event FDL had to cover.

With the article FDL welcomed on board Olivia Riordan - She will be contributing a number of articles from Australia and beyond as she goes in hunt of great food stories. And to start she was at the month long food festival bringing a first hand account of the buzzing food scene taking place in Sydney at the moment. The event doesn't end until October 31st so there's still time to attend and when you see the amazing picture gallery from Olivia you want to grabe your knife and fork and head down.

There was also a link to a very special video Kobe and the Sea, a mini movie showing chef Ben Shewry taking his son to the sea to teach him how to catch food in the wild and how to respect nature at the same time. It was a touching video and one that tackles the issue of food sustainability in an indirect, thought provoking manner - a must watch. There was also recipes for salad of grilled quail and slow cooked beef short ribs.

Also this week

FDL attended a The Great Moshi Vegan Challenge an event in Brighton in which chefs came together to create a vegan sushi menu - yes that's sushi without the fish.

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