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The Week in Bites | 22nd May 2011

The Week in Bites | 22nd May 2011

An exclusive video with chef Anatoly Komm, a closer look at Spanish tradition of Tapas and a journey around the world in search of the perfect pepper

By FDL on

It's impossible to mention this week on FDL without taking another look at the exclusive video interview done with Anatoly Komm. The Russian chef is revered in the industry and referred to as one of the most eclectic chefs in the business today. With his restaurant Varvary was recently included on the San Pellegrino 50 Best Restaurants list and in this intimate video talks about his style, inspirations and the dishes he is currently creating for the future.

So sit back relax and watch this exclusive video interview with Komm as he explains why he aims to touch the stomach, soul and heart of those lucky enough to eat his food.

As well as the video FDL were lucky enough to be given a recipe from Komm for a soup with Herring that has over 50 ingredients. There was also an amazing picture gallery of some of his finest dishes.


On Tuesday FDL travelled to Spain to take a closer look at how "tapas", the inviting and communal way of eating has been going through a decade long revolution and how this, at least in Barcelona, has changed the way people are consuming these wondrous mini delights.

As well as this insightful look at the evolutionary change of Tapas there were three mini reviews of some great places to try modern variatiothis of this traditional style of food. There was also a wonderful Tapas croquette recipe and a piece about the much debated origins of this style of eating.


Pepper, those black fizzy shards that season most foods and have home on every table, is almost taken for granted. But not by one man, this week FDL went on a journey telling the story of Gianni Frasi who in the 80s went on a mission half way round the world in search of the perfect pepper.

The story told how he eventually found and cultivated what he believed to be the perfect seed and talked of the history of pepper - which at one point was worth more than gold and could buy you a palazzo on the Grand Canal in Venice. There was also a look at some peppery recipes and some explanations about origins of pepper. To top it off there was a picture gallery of some uniqe salt and pepper sets.


Next week FDL will be taking a closer look at the strange phenomenon of supper clubbing, where people transform their home into a restaurant for the evening serving food to guests who have booked places through the internet. At some clubs you don't even find out the address of the venue until you're sent a text message on the evening of the meal. All that and more next week on fine dining lovers.

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