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The Week in Bites | 21th August 2011

The Week in Bites | 21th August 2011

Read about what happened this week on Fine Dining Lovers 28th August 2011

By FDL on

From one chef to another

FDL brought yet another exclusive video this week with a rare encounter between two chefs from different countries: Italian chef Moreno Cedroni and French chef Inaki Aizpitarte.

The pair, who are regular visitors to each others restaraunt, allowed FDL to film one of their meetings. This time it was the turn of Moreno Cedroni to welcome the French chef to his restaraunt in Senigallia, in Marche Region, La Madonnina del Pescatore.

This video is a glimpse of how chefs share their finds and strike strong freindships through their love of food. During the video Cedroni offer his collegue a symbolic welcome that's well worth a look.

There was also a biography of Cedroni and Aizpitarte and a recipe for salted cod.

Training taste buds

Can a person really train their palate or are you stuck with the taste they have? This week FDL posed this question and investigated the many number of studies that have been done into human taste.

How much does smoking actually effect the taste buds and what food do you think is most appreciated around the world? These questions and more were answered in this interesting look at taste and how it works.

FDL also featured the interesting story of Molly Birnbaum, the chef who lost her taste, a look at a burger with lashings of the fifth flavour, Umami and a look at two schools where a person can go to train their palate.

The gentrification of a Kebab

This week FDL were in the Middle East investigating the begining of a gourmet kebab revolution. Shawarma kebabs, a traditional food in much of the Middle East, are currently being revived with establishments battling to shed the unhygienic image of the late night kebab for a much more refined approach.

There was a list of 5 great places to try Shawarma in the middle east and a piece on two brothers who are trying their best to produce a new kind of kebab experience. FDL also brought you the news of a 750 pound kebab made using Pyrenees milk-fed lamb, barrel aged feta cheese and Coeur De Boeuf tomatoes. To top it off there was also a look at some other foods that have gone through gourmet revivals.

Also this week

There was a look at the work of the French Photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand with an amazing picture gallery including a selection of his work.

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