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The Week in Bites | 20th November 2011

The Week in Bites | 20th November 2011

Read about what happened this week on Fine Dining Lovers 20th November 2011

By FDL on

The emerging foods of Brazil

This week FDL travelled to the Semana Mesa festival in Brazil - A food festival attended by over 11,000 people in Sao Paulo, it is a a celebration of Brazilian food which is rapidly becoming one of the hottest new trends in food the world. 

With Brazil's recent economic developments and the emergence of the new middle classes the piece focused on how Brazilian food is now being presented on the world food stage. There was also a look at a unique project teaming Brazilian and Italian chefs which saw a duo of Helena Rizzo and Moreno Cedroni cook together for excited guests.

There were two traditional Brazilian recipes, one for Jerked beef carpaccio and the other for maniòcas a very healthy Brazilian dish. The piece also included an amazing picture gallery and a look at some of the emerging food trends and chefs coming from Brazil.

Food to cure mood

Do you have a food you always go for when you're low - or a dish guaranteed to put a smile on your face ? Well this week FDL travelled to a very interesting event at the Welcome Collection in London. They, with the help of some food designers, were examining the question - Can food cure Melancholy ?

The event focused on Robert Burton's book, The Anatomy of Melancholy. An English scholar at Oxford University who in the early seventeenth century published the book which looked at how foods and certain remedies affect mood. The event was an exciting idea and featured a menu of modern interpretations inspired by Burtons recipes.

It was an intrigueing look at the concept of food as a mood enhancer and of course FDL's Lewis Huxley put it to the test. There was also a brief history of the Welcome Collection, a look at some of he many food prescriptions for melancholy and a recipe from the food designers of Blanch and Shock for wild duck with burnt wheat.

Glass class with Andreas Larsson

This week FDL filmed yet another exclusive video with the Swedish sommelier, Andreas Larsson. So far Andreas has offered FDL some of his best wine tips with videos for pairing wine and even some tips on how to successfully bluff a wine tasting.

This week the world famous wine master told FDL all about how to find affordable wines that taste expensive. A great video and resource for those wanting a good wine to serve at their next dinner party - without breaking the bank balance.

Andreas also offered the six golden rules on wine prices some great wine and food pairing suggestions and for those yet to see one of the videos or those wanating to know more about Andreas there was a small biography of the award winning wine master.

Also this week

FDL travelled to Uzbekistan to bring back a report on the national dish of Plov - a food so intertwined with the culture and society - it can help define a population on a plate.

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