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Week in Bites 20th December 2015

Week in Bites 20th December 2015

Wine in the sky, the science of the perfect Christmas treat and a tasty look at Luang Prabang cuisine.

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In Air Sommelier

This week on Fine Dining Lovers we took a trip above the clouds with Vinod Achuthan, Air Sommelier of Singapore Airlines.

The sommelier who deals exclusively with palates effected by high altitude explains how this changes his approach to choosing wine and offered up some details on exactly why taste buds change when we're on a plane.

Read the full piece.

Science of Nougat

Putting on our appliance of science heads once again, we took a look at the art of nougat making and exactly how to make it perfectly every time.

With some basic scientific principles and some simple cooking tips you’ll be knocking up your own batch of this perfect Christmas treat just in time for the holidays.

Read more.

Tasty Travel

Your were also invited to join us on a trip this week as looked more closely at Luang Prabang cuisine, one of the most unique culinary traditions in Asia.

A diverse offering that blends local and foreign flavours and one that’s about to hit somewhat of a revival.

Join us.

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