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The Week in Bites | 1st May 2011

The Week in Bites | 1st May 2011

A recap of Fine Dining Lovers' best articles of the week

By FDL on

It's impossible to talk about this week without mentioning the Royal Wedding. An estimated 2-billion people tuned in to watch the event on television and live streams around the world.

And FDL were admittedly no different as we also caught Royal fever. So to mark the biggest regal event since Princess Dianna and Charles married in 1981- FDL took a closer look at the official Royal Wedding cake and the women charged with making it.

Fiona Cairns, from Leicester, was the official baker for the Royal Wedding and was the brains behind a cake over 5-feet tall, expected to feed around 600 people.

As well as information about Fiona and her many celebrity clients - There was a great picture gallery of royal wedding cakes throughout history - a wonderful piece on the great British tradition of street parties and a look at the curators of cake - the men behind an exhibition dedicated to...yes you guessed it - cake!

To the next course

Just like when enjoying any great meal, we're moving from dessert to a healthy serving of Cheese. This week FDL traveled to the Italian region of Abruzzo to meet a shepherd who produces pecorino and ricotta cheese that's so good, President Barack Obama buys it.

Nunzio Marcelli is an economics graduate and a jet setter who while traveling learned a very special cheese production technique in Afghanistan. Now he's a man who churns a very traditional kind of pecorino and ricotta on his farm in Abruzzo.

A true Italian food master - FDL went to Nunzio's and film him at work, finding out the secrets behind why his cheese sells all around the world and just what it is that makes it taste so good.

Food spotting

On top of cheese and cake - FDL went food spotting with a new mobile application that's changing the way people find places to eat.

Foodspotting, one of the best food app for Iphone and other mobile devices, allows users to search for dining destinations by being dish specific. This unique idea allows to now locate a restaurant by the dish they fancy eating. So if it's the perfect plate plate of spaghetti in Rome or the best cheese cake in New York - food spotting is sure to revolutionise the way people eat out.

There was also a look into some sites on the web that help people make money from writing about food, some digital maps that may change the way you find new restaurants and an explanation as to why strange looking bar-codes or 'Quick Responses' are now appearing on food products throughout the world.

Coming up

Next week is again packed with wonderful treats - but of particular interest is a rather thought provoking start to the week with:Food For Future. Four food experts will be give their vision of what food will be like in 2050. You'll also be able to have your say and let us know what you think the future of food looks, and most importantly, tastes like. All that and more next week on Fine Dining Lovers...

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