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The Week in Bites | 19th June 2011

The Week in Bites | 19th June 2011

Read Fine Dining Lovers' best of the week: recap 19th June 2011

By FDL on

The taste of time

It's been a busy week at FDL again this week. Bringing a great mix of food related tales for you all. But one story stands out of the pack and that is that of the Argentinean chef, Mauro Colagreco.

FDL were lucky enough to meet with Mauro Colagreco who is seen as one of the rising stars of international cuisine. While with him FDL filmed an exclusive video interview with this young, talented and sensitive chef.

In it he talks about his inspirations, his heritage and how his career began. This is an intimate portrayal of a man heading straight to the top of the world's best chefs. To top off the interview there was a biography of Colagreco and two exclusive recipes from his own kitchen. One for Sea Bass and another for Green Asparagus.

The Soul Food City

New Orleans is a melting pot of cultures, races, foods and creeds. A haven for cultivating unique forms of music and alongside this evolution of genres such as jazz and blues has come a forming of many different kinds of food, each one speaking for the many heritages of the city.

This week FDL took a closer look at the many kinds of food traditions in New Orleans and just how the famous Sicilian sandwich the Muffuletta made its way to this great city.

There was also a look at Brennen's Cafe a place of excess and delicious pleasure - a place where the first question they'll ask when you walk through the door in the morning for breakfast is what drink did you finish with the night before.

Food Design

Food has not always looked the way it does or always been eaten the way it is, in fact there are food designers who spend their time developing dishes, styles and techniques.

This week FDL met Martí Guixé the man who has created designer potatoes and pioneered a re-invention of how to eat Tapas. In this interview he talks about his work and what he thinks food will be like in 2050.

And for those wanting to learn more about food there was a look at Food designing a book that looks at all the food projects Martì Guixé has carried out. From tabletop lollipops to eat without your hands and molecular structures based on olives.

Also this week:

There was an interview with the John Stephens the author of the best selling book, The Emerald Atlas and a look at gastro shopping on the Sorrentine Peninsula.

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